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Brenda Hedgepeth

My personal story

Hi! I'm Brenda, the wife of husband, Ken, the mother of 6 children, the Nana of 4 grandchildren (so far) and in just a few weeks, an empty nester. I've been a kindergarten and first grade teacher for 32 years, and plan to continue teaching a while longer until my youngest daughter graduates from college. My husband is technically a retired worship minister, but he's going to continue serving part time as long as he has a song in his heart and breath to sing it. We've served together in the music ministry of Southern Baptist Churches for 40 years. It's been a blast and a wonderful life of service to the Lord and it will continue to be so even in retirement.

My goal is to share with other women the things I've learned along the way and to encourage those of us who are 50 plus to find the unique things that God has for us in this stage of life. I'm optimistic about this new phase of life and all the promise it holds for serving God. I hope the things I share will be helpful in your journey as a mature woman seeking to live for the Lord and serve Him faithfully to the end

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